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Can you are making hair gel from that superfood superstar the chia seed? | Women’s hair


The hack
Can I make a hair gel from chia seeds and heat water?

The check
Sprinkled on porridge, chia seeds are like that good friend who’s annoyingly just right at the entirety – they’re filled with soluble fibre (just right for digestion) and likewise supply a whack of protein, omega-3 and -6 oils and nutrients. All of which made them a staple within the conventional Aztec nutrition and, up to now few years, a well-liked superfood too.

They have additionally grow to be a DIY hair gel aspect, specifically for curly and coiled-hair varieties. To make this, take 100g of chia seeds and warmth gently with 300ml of water in a saucepan: they must begin to grow to be gelatinous after 5 mins. Wait for the combination to chill, then blitz in a blender and pressure the gel via pushing it via a fabric or a blank muslin bag. I then scrunched a teaspoon of this into my rainy hair, and left it to dry naturally.

The verdict
It did make my curls glance outlined, if quite limp and feeling a little bit bit crunchy. I additionally attempted the usage of the home made gel in a single day as a “environment lotion” on my pincurls, and whilst it did set them first of all, the curls dropped after I brushed them out later. But this would create definition on thicker, curlier hair. If you’ll be afflicted to make it, this is – it comes to somewhat numerous fiddly paintings for now not an enormous quantity of “product”.

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