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Can you employ rose petals to make a blusher? | Makeup


The hack
Make a blusher out of darkish crimson or purple petals and cornflour.

The promise
Less a TikTok pattern and extra one thing from the pages of a Georgian romance novel, this comes to making your individual rouge via blending flooring rose petals with cornflour.

The take a look at
The recipe I’m following makes use of contemporary rose petals, pulverising after which baking them. But I go for ready-dried Persian rose petals, as they’re a pleasant vivid crimson – and hacks are supposed to make your existence higher and more uncomplicated, proper? As recommended, I make a powder from a handful of petals the use of a pestle and mortar. The result’s just a little grainy, however satisfactory. This bureaucracy my major pigment base, and to this I upload quarter of a teaspoon of cornflour at a time, checking out the system on my pores and skin as I’m going. It wishes some endurance and willpower, however I discovered that my tone warranted not more than part a teaspoon of cornflour for the suitable mix. While this combination confirmed up smartly on my pores and skin (this used to be my major fear), it used to be just a little lumpy and patchy.

The verdict
I really like the speculation of this, however it’s a large number of bother for little or no praise and in addition reasonably dry. You might desire a cream blush formulations akin to Typology’s Tinted Balm in Coral Orange (£14.50), which provides that contemporary, Jane-Austen-esque enchantment.

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