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‘Daily Show’ Elon Musk Video Exposes Tesla Mogul (With Help From William Shatner)

Although Elon Musk has change into a ubiquitous presence on the earth, there is also so much that folks don’t know concerning the Tesla wealthy person.

The video aptly describes Musk as “section Thomas Edison, section Iron Man, section tense dude within the workforce chat,” and explains simply how he attained his present superstar.

“Like such a lot of tech marketers, he earned his not possible wealth through doing one thing useful for society,” Shatner narrates. “Selling a start-up you’ve by no means heard of to an organization that doesn’t exist anymore.”

The video additionally notes a few of Musk’s lesser-known achievements, just like the time he crashed his million-dollar “supercar” and the report label he began in order that he may just free up his personal EDM observe.

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