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Downton Abbey Creator Julian Fellowes Reveals The Teenage Experience That Led Him To Create The Beloved TV Series Years Later


During his fireplace chat with Downton megastar Hugh Bonneville, Julian Fellowes recounted a holiday he’d long past on as an adolescent, which might set the scene. Through the interview launched through Focus Features, Fellowes credited the next revel in because the thematic basis for the Downton property: 

I be mindful one time when I used to be about 18 or 19, one thing like that, I used to be staying in a fairly grand space in Cheshire. There was once a lunch birthday party, and you understand all that eating room buzzing. I went previous this staircase, and I heard this row coming from the kitchen. There was once some of these folks speaking within the eating room, then some of these folks speaking downstairs within the kitchen. And I had this flash of the reality that there have been two lives occurring on this space, and two teams of individuals, and all in their reviews have been other, and I used to be fascinated with that.

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