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Downton Abbey Creator Julian Fellowes Reveals The Teenage Experience That Led Him To Create The Beloved TV Series Years Later


Perhaps the telling signal that signaled the long run is the truth that Julian Fellowes wrote a sharp-witted Dowager Countess into Gosford Park, and as success would have it, she was once additionally performed through Dame Maggie Smith. Try staring at this scene and no longer imagining Violet Grantham handing over a equivalent blow, despite the fact that in all probability with rather less acid: 

Downton Abbey and Gosford Park each appear to owe a debt to Julian Fellowes’ revel in as an adolescent. It displays much more now that the Downton Abbey collection, and its newest movie access, are firmly established in what to anticipate. This was once even famous in our authentic assessment for A New Era, which recognizes that the fan carrier is more potent than ever. But once more, it wasn’t like Fellowes had a direct lightbulb second that set him to a pen and paper. Further explaining himself, Fellowes rounded off this a part of the tale with those remarks: 

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