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Ewan McGregor Reveals ‘Kind Of Embarrassing’ Jedi Skill He’s Tried In Real Life

Just about each Star Wars fan has waved a hand in entrance of automated doorways to really feel as though they’ve opened them with The Force.

“I all the time perform a little Jedi transfer for the doorways and I’ve from time to time been stuck doing it,” he stated. “You know, like on the grocery store or one thing after I’m wheeling my trolley out.”

McGregor stated on occasion, he’s even been stuck.

“It’s simply all the time for my very own [amusement] as it makes me snort, however from time to time I’ve been stuck doing that and that’s roughly embarrassing,” he stated. “It’s tough to not, isn’t it? It’s a laugh. If the timing is correct, it feels very tough.”

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