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Houseplant of the week: ruffled fan palm | Life and magnificence


Why will I find it irresistible?
Licuala grandis is a impressive and intensely uncommon palm. Its massive, glossy, undivided and pleated leaves appear to be the paintings of an origami grasp. They’re so arduous to search out that you simply’re much more likely to look one on Instagram than in a plant store – and so they get started at round £200.

Light or colour?
Partial colour.

Where will have to I put it?
Stand in a somewhat shady space of your lounge.

How do I stay it alive?
On the Solomon and Vanuatu islands, the ruffled arms develop low to the bottom and are shaded by means of a cover of luscious rainforest giants, so it’s excellent to duplicate that at house by means of striking them in a shaded space: direct daylight will brown their leaves. Water on occasion, permit the topsoil to dry out between watering, and use fertiliser as soon as a month all the way through the rising season. It loves top humidity and heat, a reminder of its rainforest roots, so mist ceaselessly and stay the room between 18C and 24C.

Did you understand …
It is an excessively slow-growing palm, gaining simply 5-7cm a 12 months, however can sooner or later achieve as much as 3 metres in peak (even though typically nearer to 2 metres when in a pot).

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