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JD Vance argues to get rid of the ATF, says a gun registry is ‘disarming’ citizens


Author and U.S. Senate candidate from Ohio JD Vance explained to Tucker Carlson Friday his concern over a report that the Biden administration has nearly 1 billion records of firearms purchases made by Americans, citing how it’s ultimately about “destroying the Second Amendment.”

JD VANCE: This database is ultimately a back door to a gun registry in this country. And if you look at what liberals have done in Europe, what they’ve done in Australia, once you allow gun registry, you effectively allow the disarming of your citizenry. This is ultimately about destroying the Second Amendment, just as the Democrats’ alliance with Big Tech is about destroying the First Amendment. And my basic argument here, Tucker, is look, if the Democrats are going to ignore the heavily armed drug cartels on our southern border that use the ATF to go after law-abiding citizens, why don’t we just get rid of the ATF? 


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