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Percy Jackson’s Alexandra Daddario The Latest Celebrity To Deal With Intrusion As Man With Gun Targets Her Home


Percy Jackson, Baywatch and Lost Girls and Love Hotels star Alexandra Daddario is the latest celebrity having to deal with a home intrusion. Reports just broke that a man with a gun headed to her Los Angeles area home and did not seem to be very happy. He managed to make it close to her home and was screaming about the actress when the LAPD showed up.

According to reports, the LAPD appeared on the scene as the man was hollering at Daddario’s house. They asked him to leave, but per TMZ, he did not choose to comply. Therefore, he was arrested by the police department on the spot and is still in custody with the police at the time of this writing. The LAPD arrested him on possession of a concealed firearm, which was actually found loaded in a car found at the scene. 

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