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Readers answer: how a lot does it value to switch the British monarch? | Life and magnificence


How a lot will it value when the United Kingdom’s monarchy is inherited by way of any person with a special identify and gender from that of the incumbent? Tom Holdsworth, by way of electronic mail

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Readers answer

A crown. Graham E Johnson

A king’s ransom. Anthony Walter

A sovereign. MrCassandra

Most feedback appear to be aligned with perspectives on whether or not we will have to have a monarchy or now not, which isn’t the query/level right here. As a ways as I will be able to inform, the prices would now not be important and maximum can be paid for by way of the royal circle of relatives (except police safety at Charles’s coronation and enforcing the adjustments for cash, notes and stamps – the designs have already been locked down). Exchanging the picture of QE2 for KC3 in embassies and different executive places of work can be a trivial expense. Updating criminal paperwork may also be minimum. Given the bounds of the royal prerogative, there aren’t any rules to replace. So the hot button is {that a} exchange of monarch is an reasonably priced factor to do. Slartey

Nothing wild. It’s now not as though we wish to remint foreign money; there have been Victorian cash knocking about neatly over 40 years after [Victoria] died. Anywhere the nationwide anthem is outlined will most probably have an insert relatively than reprint the guide. HMS, HMRC, HM Govt, and so forth are all initialled on professional paperwork and different issues.

Nominal prices when compared with what many assume. misterlister96

Far an excessive amount of. Just do away with them. IngeKersten

At least the reality “her majesty’s” and “his majesty’s” get started with the similar letters will make it fairly inexpensive than in the event that they began with other letters! Anything that claims HMRC, HMS, and so forth will exchange that means however gained’t wish to be rewritten … anglebiscuit

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