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For a long time, nutritional recommendation has been notoriously faddy, swinging from the low-fat, high-carb steerage of the Nineteen Eighties and Nineteen Nineties, to the low-carb or intermittent fasting diets beneficial in more moderen years.

But one programme claims to be other: it guarantees to check how your personal frame responds to other meals, after which educate you to devour the appropriate ones to your biology.

And all of it starts with consuming a packet of cakes, a singular twist whilst the sector of eating regimen turns into an increasing number of esoteric. But this programme, created by way of the group in the back of the Covid symptom tracker app used all through the pandemic, claims that its goal is healthier long-term well being fairly than weight reduction.

The Guardian used to be invited to be the primary UK newspaper to take a look at the programme by way of Prof Tim Spector, the medical co-founder of Zoe, the company in the back of apps monitoring coronavirus and, now, vitamin. And the massive lesson I’ve learnt to this point is “much less sourdough, extra nuts, cheese and avocados” – a minimum of for me; anyone else would possibly obtain completely other recommendation.

The concept used to be born out of study suggesting that even equivalent twins reply another way to consuming exactly the similar meal. By figuring out which meals result in huge, extended spikes in blood sugar or fat – either one of which will cause irritation, contributing to the improvement of sicknesses similar to diabetes, most cancers, center illness or dementia – the speculation is that you’ll discover ways to steer clear of those meals, or mix them with others to assist minimise those spikes.

The field of devices it comes with are medical in nature, making it appear to be the way forward for vitamin. Through the put up, I won a finger-prick blood check, a number of packets of standardised cakes, a continual glucose observe which I hooked up to my arm and a stool pattern package to analyse my intestine microbes. I used to be additionally instructed to obtain the Zoe app, and used to be hooked up to a private vitamin trainer.

Each day for the following two weeks, I’d log the whole lot I ate within the app, every so often consuming a number of cakes and taking a blood check to measure the quantity of fats in my blood. This, mixed with the knowledge from my meals log, glucose sensor, and fizz pattern, could be crunched by way of an set of rules to calculate my particular person responses to the meals I had eaten – and are expecting my responses to many extra.

Spector is also very best recognized for his paintings main the Zoe Covid learn about, however the corporate’s vitamin programme used to be within the works lengthy ahead of thepandemic. Now that steady lockdowns have endowed such a lot of folks with an additional “Covid stone”, Spector is on a challenge to exchange the country’s perspective to meals.

The objective isn’t weight reduction in itself, however higher long-term well being. Interim scientific learn about information presentations that when 3 months on a personalized Zoe plan, 82% members had extra power, 83% now not felt hungry, and individuals skilled a mean weight lack of 4.3kg.

“I’ve indubitably that sooner or later, customized vitamin, which provides centered interventions and adapted suggestions in response to a person’s physiological and microbiological responses, will change into a part of regimen scientific apply,” stated Dr Sammie Gill, a spokesperson for the British Dietetic Association. “It’s an actual paradigm shift and is in response to the basis that nutritional tips which provide standardised recommendation to all are too simplistic.”

Even ahead of I won the consequences, my glucose sensor had equipped some fascinating insights. For example, my go-to breakfast: a slice of sourdough, slathered in butter and honey, would ship my blood sugar hovering after which crashing down – but when I ate the similar breakfast right away ahead of workout, the impact used to be some distance much less pronounced.

“These sugar spikes additionally have a tendency to be adopted by way of a sugar dip in round one in 4 folks, and that then reasons greater starvation and diminished power ranges, so that you generally tend to devour extra,” Spector stated.

So, when my effects in spite of everything did arrive, I wasn’t too shocked to be informed that blood sugar keep an eye on isn’t my metabolic sturdy level – even though mine is set moderate. This does now not imply that easy carbs, similar to white bread, at the moment are forbidden.

Under the Zoe gadget, every meals is assigned a ranking out of 100, particular to you as a person. So, while white rice earns me a ranking of 17-42, relying at the kind, if I mix rice with break up peas, this rises to 75 – which means I will devour it frequently.

Happily, I will record that my blood fats keep an eye on – how temporarily I transparent them from my movement – is superb – even though this doesn’t imply I will devour desserts and whipped cream with abandon, for the reason that app additionally considers their impact at the expansion of fine and unhealthy intestine micro organism (and those meals advertise unhealthy ones). However, it does imply that avocados, cheese, greek yoghurt and nuts at the moment are common fixtures on my menu.

Though I’m glad to devour extra of them, I concern concerning the impact on my waistline. However, my trainer tells me now not all energy are created equivalent, and that they will have to be considered a mean indicator of power provision.

I additionally won a ranking for my microbial well being, the variety of which is under moderate, in all probability because of a protracted process antibiotics. But it’s thankfully wealthy in micro organism that fortify blood glucose keep an eye on. I used to be given a listing of meals to take a look at to spice up their ranges additional – most commonly greens and nuts, but additionally inexperienced tea and black espresso.

The overall price of the check package is £259.99, and the general public decide to a four-month programme at £34.99 a month.

Zoe isn’t the one corporate growing this idea of customized vitamin, however it is among the first to hit the United Kingdom marketplace. Prof John Mathers, the director of Newcastle University’s Human Nutrition Research Centre, is extensively supportive of the speculation, calling it “in response to fine quality analysis” with the ability to “assist encourage folks to devour extra healthily”.

Linda Geddes tries the Zoe nutrition app.
Photograph: Linda Nylind/The Guardian

His fear is over the frenzy to commercialisation, and that it can be too simplistic to are expecting long-term well being. He additionally dislikes the advice that it is not sensible to restrict power consumption to reduce weight: “These are seductive concepts, however for my part the to be had proof is just too restricted to be assured that they’re right kind.”

However, I really like that the app supplies real-time comments on what you’re bearing in mind hanging into your mouth. Already, I’m consuming much less wine, and feature spotted I’m now much less liable to yearning biscuits and chocolate after foods.

I’m additionally eating massively extra greens – specifically at lunchtime, when my standard sandwich has been changed with a wholegrain or bean-based salad, with a lot of leaves and seeds. Even if I don’t reduce weight, my intestine microbes will certainly thank me. Just don’t stand too just about me in an enclosed house.

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