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White House celebrates Maoist Yuri Kochiyama who cheered bin Laden, communist bloodbath in Peru


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The White House Initiative on Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders (WHIAANHPI) posted a party of Women’s History Month Friday honoring activist Yuri Kochiyama, who was once a public admirer of terrorist Usama bin Laden. 

Kochiyama was once a Japanese-American activist for communism and racial equality all the way through the twentieth century. Kochiyama’s occupation as an activist was once a arguable and unstable one. A sufferer of violent U.S. discrimination and an early voice for racial unity, she additionally championed Chairman Mao’s Great Leap Forward and was once an suggest for terrorists. 

The WHAANHPI venerated Kochiyama’s “political and civil rights” paintings however subsidized clear of bringing up her beef up for bin Laden.

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