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Camila Cabello joins Lana Del Rey for surprise duet at Coachella

Camila Cabello joined Lana Del Rey on the stage during her performance at Coachella’s second weekend.

According to Variety report, the surprise appearance came shortly after Del Rey performed her song, Bartender, setting the stage for Cabello to debut her new single, I Luv It, from her forthcoming fourth studio album.

In the visually spectacle performance, Camila Cabello was accompanied by a group of dancers who performed the robotic choreography featured in the music video of I Luv It.

The Say Yes To Heaven singer also danced along and sang from a balcony before descending to join Cabello.

The two artists shared a playful spin, with Del Rey wrapping her arms around Cabello

Lana Del Rey praised Cabello, stating, “[Camila] is my girl, I have so much fun with her. I love this song and thank you so much angel, for coming and singing with me.”

“This is an honor for me, you’re one of my favorite artists of all time. I love you so much,” Cabello replied.

Watch Camila Cabello ‘I Luv It’ music video

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