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Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck divorce speculations dashed after long drama

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were hit with divorce rumours after they failed to make a joint appearance for 47 days; however, an eyewitness has dashed all the speculations.

During a recent TV appearance, Justin Sylvester revealed he has seen JLo and the Gone Girl star on a dinner date, looking very “happy” and all loved up.

Dashing rumours that have been going around for weeks now, the E! News co-host chronicled what he saw while having dinner two weeks ago while on Today show.

“How do I say this on daytime TV? They looked like they still are enjoying one another,” he said of Lopez and Affleck, who are reportedly selling their Beverly Hills Mansion.

“They looked like they were happy at a restaurant. They were chilling,” he added, before sharing how Affleck was his “normal broody self” while Lopez was “talking his ear off.”

“They looked like they were in good form,” Sylvester further said before noting that he is “rooting” for the couple.

Ahead of their second marriage anniversary, Lopez and Affleck have been hit with rumours that their divorce is “imminent.”

“Over time, Jennifer and Ben found it increasingly difficult to communicate effectively and small misunderstandings grew into significant arguments,” an insider said of their marital troubles.

They added that both Lopez and Affleck “have fundamentally different approaches to conflict.”

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