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Kate Middleton is allegedly finding solace in her love for gardening amid cancer diagnosis.

The Princess of Wales, who is currently undergoing preventative chemotherapy for her illness, is fighting the blues with nature.

Royal expert Jennie Bond shares: “I’m sure Catherine will take huge solace in her gardens and the joy of being outside during these months of recuperation,” Jennie tells Notebook. “Winter in the UK can be rather grey at the best of times, and when you are recovering from major surgery, it can no doubt seem bleak.

She continues: “Catherine has always taken great strength and inspiration from nature and outdoor life. And there is something so reassuring and optimistic about the green shoots of spring – especially if you’ve planted the seeds yourself. She will have drawn on her love of gardening and nature – perhaps sowing seeds with her children and seeing those first green shoots appear. New life. New hope. A new cycle.”

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