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Kourtney Kardashian’s ex Scott Disick seeks help after Ozempic use

Scott Disick has finally taken charge of his health and now plans to seek help for his Ozempic use.

In March, the ex husband of Kourtney Kardashian shocked the Internet over his dramatic weight loss. At the time, an insider told Daily Mail that he consumed the severe drug because he started comparing himself with the reality TV star’s husband Travis Barker.

“Kourtney’s marriage to Travis took a toll on Scott and as he got bigger he was comparing himself to Travis – and Travis being thin didn’t help. Scott turned to food as his crutch because he could not turn to drugs,” the source had shared.

The tipster also said that Kourtney is concerned about Scott as he is the father of her four children.

“He loves his kids too much to try to ruin his relationship with them. Kourtney is of course concerned because he is the father of her children,” they added.

However, now another tipster told the outlet that Scott will be now get himself back on a healthy diet

“He thought he looked good because he was thinner again – not realizing that this was not healthy. He is now working with a nutritionist to get back on track and not balloon up to the size he was,” they stated.

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