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Photo: Rachel Leviss drops bombshell confessions about Tom Sandoval

Rachel “Raquel” Leviss recently opened up about her ‘unhealthy’ relationship with Tom Sandoval.

Appearing on the Rachel Goes Rogue podcast, Rachel shared a journal entry from her stay at The Meadows, a mental health facility in Wickenburg, Arizona.

She revealed during this podcast that after watching Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, the 29-year-old was inspired by Ginny Weasley, portrayed by Bonnie Wright, “when Tom Riddle has her under his spell” then, to write this diary page.

Talking candidly about the realization regarding her relationship with Tom, she read, “He has her do all of these things out of her character, out of her integrity, to please Tom. Am I playing the victim role by saying this?”

“Essentially Tom has manipulated me and had me under his love spell,” she added.

“’My mom has ulterior motives,’ he says. He tries to talk me out of treatment. ‘They’re going to brainwash you. There isn’t such a thing called love addiction,'” she continued.

Rachel also disclosed that once she “shared with him that” she “was having really dark thoughts, and I told him I was extending two more weeks.”

“And he said that that was a bad idea. And I said, ‘I’m scared if I come out of what might happen if I’m having these dark thoughts.’ He said, ‘That’s still a bad idea. I’ve been having to rough it out here alone,'” the TV presenter claimed.

Later in the chat, she admitted that after seeking voluntary treatment after Rachel and Tom’s romance was made public she was able to see Tom “for what he actually is.”

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