Swiftie couple recreates Taylor Swift album covers
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Two married Swifties embarked on a mission to recreate all of Taylor Swift‘s album covers after the singer announced her new record “The Tortured Poets Department” at the Grammys in February.

Charlie Bird — the “major Swiftie” of the two, according to husband Ryan Clifford — had the idea after Swift made the surprise announcement while accepting the Grammy for best pop vocal album.

The project is a continuation of what the couple had done for Halloween last year — dressing up as Swift and her boyfriend Travis Kelce. Charlie shaved his head and Ryan had painstakingly recreated the red “Reputation” costume Swift wore during her Eras Tour in four days’ time — with sequins galore.

They documented the project for their YouTube page and when they posted the final results on social media, their followers loved it. 

Charlie Bird as Travis Kelce and Ryan Clifford as Taylor Swift during Halloween 2023.
Charlie Bird as Travis Kelce and Ryan Clifford as Taylor Swift during Halloween 2023.

@mrcharliebird/@itsryanclifford via Instagram

“And they loved seeing Ryan as Taylor Swift,” Charlie told CBS News, to which Ryan replied with a laugh: “They love watching me make a fool of myself.”

In 11 posts on their Instagram accounts, the couple is spanning all 16 years of her career. From her debut album “Taylor Swift,” released in 2006, to her newest release, the two spend a few days prepping for each shoot — piecing each outfit together from new clothes or from what they already own and creating backdrops or scouting nearby places to recreate the looks.

Otherwise, it’s just them, a ring light and an iPhone, Charlie said. It takes six to eight hours a day, he said, to complete one album cover.

“She’s been through a lot of different looks and hairstyles,” Charlie said. “Every day, we’re trying our best to recreate that in a way that, like, authentically makes him look more like Taylor Swift.”

“We’re just lucky that I’ve got long, curly hair, which makes it versatile,” Ryan responded as his husband laughed.

The husbands say that Swift’s popularity is due to her lyrics that are, in a word, relatable. Charlie, a clinical therapist, said he has clients who use her songs to help them describe what they’re feeling.

“That’s just a perfect example of how she has grown to mean so much to so many people, because she’s kind of taught us — as a generation — how to connect with the feels,” Charlie said. 

And Ryan, a digital marketer, wholeheartedly agreed — adding it is also aspirational.

“She’s just got this amazing mind that comes up with these lyrics,” he said. “But at the end of the day, she’s just a girl, you know? And we all feel like, ‘Oh, she’s a girl. She’s going through it.'”

The couple attended two concerts last year during the Eras Tour. Charlie told CBS News it was like a journey through his own adolescence. “1989,” he said, is the perfect pop album.

“I love strutting around to ‘Style,'” he said, not to discount her other music. “There’s something about the ‘Reputation’ set that is just… powerful.”

What would Charlie do if he ever met Swift? Other than freak out, of course, Ryan joked with his husband.

“Hopefully, I would have the composure to be composed,” Charlie responded with a laugh. “It really has truly been amazing to watch her grow and take on challenges and become more resilient through them.”

“I’m grateful that she has been willing to share that creative gift and it’s inspired me to be more creative and more in touch with myself as well.”

The two were excited to recreate the newest album, with Charlie noting it’s likely the funniest for Ryan to do.

“There’s going to be a lot of giggling — at my expense,” Ryan said with a laugh.

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