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Tiffany Haddish reveals she got fake twitter account to deal with users anonymously

Tiffany Haddish recently revealed that she anonymously interact with users who discuss her on social media.

According to PEOPLE report, during the conversation at the University of Southern California, Haddish reveals that she uses a fake account on X.

While promoting her new book, I Curse You with Joy, the Girls Trip actress joked about the freedom the internet gives people to speak their minds.

She said, “And then the internet came out and people got the freedom to talk about whatever they want to talk about. And now I wish I was back to illiterate again.”

“I don’t know why y’all talking about me so damn much, but that’s okay. I like to talk about you too,” she added.

Explaining about the fake account that gives her a chance to see what people are saying, she said that she “made me a fake page and now I’m talking about [expletive]. How about that? ‘Why is this lady attacking me?’ You talk about what goes around comes around, don’t worry. I don’t know about fake Instagram, but I definitely got fake Twitter.”

The actress also discussed her personal challenges and triumphs at the event.

Haddish’s upcoming book, I Curse You with Joy, is set to release on May 7.

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