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Victoria Beckham shares her true feelings about Netflix doc with David

Victoria Beckham has recently shared her personal reflections on watching the Netflix documentary series about her family, Beckham.

In an interview with Sunday Times Style, Victoria, who recently celebrated her 50th birthday, shared the moment when she and David watched the last episode of the documentary.

The fashion designer said, “It was on a flight to Miami that we finally watched it. David suggested we get a bottle of wine. It was a nice moment — we both felt really proud. I don’t get nervous when I’m playing myself but it was certainly a real process.”

“Going over all that stuff again can be … There are also things that are hard to remember. Like, Fisher [Stevens, the series’ director] would bring up a goal that David scored 25 years ago, and that can make you quite anxious,” Victoria added.

She also noted a personal transformation over the years, visible in recent photos where she appears more relaxed and happy, stating, “I looked at some pictures of myself recently and was really struck by how happy I looked. In the past I’ve always looked at those red carpet pictures of me and seen a woman who looks nervous and insecure.”

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