New York influencer Eva Evans’ cause of death revealed
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New York City-based influencer Eva Evans has died by suicide at the age of 29.

The TikTok star was found in her apartment on Saturday evening by a friend who had a key to her apartment, law enforcement sources told TMZ on 23 April. Evans’ friend reportedly told police they didn’t know her to be struggling with her mental health, and a note was left behind.

Evans’ sister, Lila, took to Instagram on 21 April to reveal that the influencer had passed away. In the post’s caption – which featured a snap of Evans wearing a colourful dress and smiling – Lila praised her sister and detailed the devastating news.

“Please share this post so that it reaches everyone it needs to,” she wrote. “Yesterday my family received news that our sweet, fabulous, creative, caring, hilarious Eva, my beautiful sister, has died.”

Lila went on to speak candidly about her grief, before showing her support for Evans’ fans, adding: “After 24 hours, I still find myself in a constant cycle of denial and acceptance, so I know how unbelievable and hard to process this news will be.”

She specified that “a celebration of Eva” will be held in lower Manhattan on 23 April. She also told fans that they could message her for details on how to attend the event.

Lila concluded her caption by acknowledging how much she loves and misses her sister. She also noted that she’s taking a step back from posting on social media, as she’s planning the celebration of Evans.

“I wish I had Eva here now to refer to because she would have better words and know how to say what I don’t,” she wrote. “I am keeping this brief, so we can plan for the next few days, but you’ll be hearing a lot more from me on how much Eva means to me and just how different the world will be without her.”

Many fans and fellow influencers took to the comments to send their condolences to Evans’ family. They also expressed how much they admired the TikTok star.

“I am so sorry for your loss. I’ll light a candle for her tonight. Sending you and everyone who loved her my deepest condolences. I’ll tell my grandparents to show her around,” TikTok star Tefi Pessoa wrote.

“I am so sorry for your loss Lila. I am sending so much love to you and your family,” model Lameka Fox wrote.

“The loss is unfathomable, to those of us lucky enough to have known her brilliance and goodness, but also to the world, which is not the place it was meant to be without her. Godspeed, Lila, and love,” a third fan added.

Uncut Gems star Julia Fox also took to TikTok to share an emotional tribute to Evans. “She was a TikTok star and a New York icon. I always saw her like a little sister and I know she looked up to me,” Fox said, with tears in her eyes. “That’s the kind of person she was, always sticking up for me, and she passed away. She was so young. Still had so much to do in life. But she lived life to the fullest.”

She continued to express her love for Evans in the caption, writing: “RIP EVA. NYC will *never* be the same without you.”

Evans had more than 300,000 followers on TikTok, where she posted hilarious content about her life in New York City as a woman in her twenties. Her videos ranged from tips on things to do in New York to her candid advice on how to handle a breakup.

The influencer also had her own show, Club Rat, on Amazon Prime, of which there were five episodes. According to the synopsis, the program is about “a self-absorbed influencer attempts to re-enter the chaotic New York City dating scene after a candid video of her humiliating breakup goes viral”.

The Independent has contacted Evans’ family for comment.

If you are experiencing feelings of distress and isolation, or are struggling to cope, the Samaritans offers support; you can speak to someone for free over the phone, in confidence, on 116 123 (UK and ROI), email, or visit the Samaritans website to find details of your nearest branch.

If you are based in the USA, and you or someone you know needs mental health assistance right now, call National Suicide Prevention Helpline on 1-800-273-TALK (8255). The Helpline is a free, confidential crisis hotline that is available to everyone 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If you are in another country, you can go to to find a helpline near you.

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