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Caitlin Clark was voted by people as their most-liked non-NBA player. — Reuters

A latest polls released Monday has crowed the American professional athlete Caitlin Clark as the best basketball players of the world, earning admiration from millions of fans around the globe for her exceptional skills in the sports.

The polls were conducted by The Athletics under the name anonymous NBA players poll. The former star of Iowa women’s basketball team fans exceed beyond Nike and Hawkeyes.

The Indiana Fever’s forward was voted by people as their most-liked non-NBA player.

The 22-year-old sportswoman was in the second with 6.1% of the votes following Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson who stood with 13% of votes.

“She’s unreal,” one NBA player said about Clark, according to the article, quoted by Hawk Central.

“I’m excited to see how her journey pans out and what she does for the women’s game.”

Caitlin Clark was able to bag more votes than the other best players of all time including the fastest sprinter in Jamaica Usain Bolt, tennis star Novak Djokovic, Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes, and the boxing king Mike Tyson, the outlet reported.

As she continues her journey with new records, the Dowling Catholic High School alumni becomes popular with every passing day.

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