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The culinary landscape in the capital city is ever-evolving. Every day, we witness new restaurants entering the market, exciting all you foodies out there. From traditional Indian cuisines to global offerings, there’s something for everyone to explore. If you consider yourself a true foodie, we’re sure you must be constantly on the hunt for new restaurants to explore. With so many options emerging, it can be quite confusing to decide which one to visit. That’s precisely why we’re here to help you. Here, we’ll be sharing with you some of the best new restaurants in Delhi-NCR that deserve your attention. They’ll surely satisfy all your foodie cravings and are worth a visit. Without further ado, let’s get straight into the list.

Here Are The 13 Best New Restaurants To Explore In Delhi-NCR:

1. Bizou-Bizou

Bizou-Bizou is the latest culinary sanctuary crafted by the maestro of dining experiences – Priyank Sukhija. Situated in the vibrant heart of Aerocity, this extravagant bar transcends mere destination status; it’s an immersive celebration of music, a culinary odyssey, and a visual feast where industrial design gracefully melds with luxury. Here, embark on a gastronomic journey skillfully intertwining European and Pan-Asian flavours with a modern flair. The menu boasts dishes such as the Mushroom and Cheese Baguette and the captivating Mezze Platter, each a vibrant celebration of rich culinary traditions. But that’s not all; they also offer an extensive beverage menu featuring timeless classics like the Whiskey Sour, Negroni, and Bloody Mary.

  • Where: Bizou-Bizou, Aerocity, New Delhi

Photo Credit: Bizou-Bizou

2. Coba

If you wish to indulge in Peruvian cuisine, Coba is the place to be. This recently-opened dining establishment is both a restaurant and a bar, offering Peruvian food with flavours that are new yet reminiscent of what we love in Indian cuisine. With a lively atmosphere, Coba aims to bring you closer to nature with its interior design. The venue boasts a mix of warm, spacious, and luxurious indoor spaces as well as beautifully lit outdoor areas. There is never a dull moment at this Peruvian food specialist. Whether you’re planning an outing with friends or family, you surely won’t be disappointed. Additionally, they offer cocktails that cater to a wide variety of tastes, ranging from simple and approachable drinks to high-end options made with ingredients sourced from around the globe.

  • Where: Coba, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi
  • Cost For Two: INR 2500-3000

3. Ikigai by Cafe Delhi Heights

Cafe Delhi Heights, a name synonymous with culinary excellence and innovative dining, has introduced its latest masterpiece – Ikigai. Nestled in the heart of the city, Ikigai is more than just a restaurant; it’s a sanctuary where passion, purpose, and gourmet mastery converge to create an unparalleled dining experience. From gourmet breakfast options starting with vibrant salads like ‘Earth’ and ‘Sky,’ followed by enticing appetisers such as Burrata, Mushroom Delight, and Hummus, to sumptuous lunch and dinner dishes such as Chicken Milanese and Pork Ribs. You can delve into the world of pizzas, pastas, burgers, and sandwiches. Conclude your dining experience with delightful desserts such as the Eton Colada and Apple Pie Sundae.

  • Where: Ikigai, Defence Colony, New Delhi
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Photo Credit: Ikigai

4. Begam

The House of Khubani has launched its newest haven of artistry and culinary delight – Begam. More than a mere restaurant, this experiential space is a living poem dedicated to the bold, self-assured, and unapologetically contemporary women of today. As you walk through the lush corridors of Begam, you’re immersed in the wafting fusion of authentic Turkish and Mediterranean flavours. Crafted by a symphony of culinary maestros, each dish unfolds as a nuanced masterpiece. Their expert chefs have curated a menu to delight every discerning palate, complemented by decor and ambiance that transport guests to an era of sophistication.

  • Where: Begam, Defence Colony, New Delhi
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Photo Credit: Begam

5. Nukkad Cafe & Bar

Nukkad Cafe & Bar has just unveiled its newest destination in Kailash Colony, inviting patrons to immerse themselves in a nostalgic trip back to the vibrant 90s. Imagine a modern-day darbar adorned with lively murals and Instagram-worthy elements that capture the essence of the era in every nook and cranny. Nukkad takes you on a global culinary journey with a desi twist, offering a unique fusion of your favourite American classics, fiery Indian curries, and delectable Italian dishes. From the flavourful Bihari meat to the rich dal makhni and the irresistible pizzas, each dish is an absolute delight for the taste buds.

  • Where: Nukkad Cafe & Bar, Kailash Colony, New Delhi
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Photo Credit: Nukkad Cafe & Bar

6. Canvas V 

Canvas V is the newest plant-forward restaurant and bar that has opened its doors in the heart of the city, situated at Panchshila Park, Malviya Nagar Road. With fresh flavours, innovative techniques, and a commitment to the planet, the restaurant sets a new standard for plant-based dining. Canvas V’s menu is a vibrant tapestry of flavour and creativity, offering something for every palate. Embark on a culinary adventure with delights like Kimchi Eggplant, Candy Tomato Fettuccine, Tofu Banh Mi, and Shakarkandi Ki Chaat, among many other delightful dishes.

  • Where: Canvas V, Malviya Nagar Road, New Delhi
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Photo Credit: Canvas V


SOCIAL has now opened its 53rd outlet called Rajouri Garden SOCIAL, in the heart of Rajouri Garden, West Delhi. With its unique blend of levels, gridlocks, and Delhi originality, Rajouri Garden SOCIAL is set to enhance West Delhi’s social and community scene. Inspired by Rajouri Garden market’s culture, the new space is designed to reflect the urban sprawl that defines West Delhi. The food menu here features a host of SOCIAL classics, such as Mutur Matter Guru, Threesome Mushroom, the popular breakfast trays like the Dhingra’s Punjabi Breakfast, and munchies like nachos, chicken wings and chakna boxes, to satisfy a diverse and wholesome appetite. The outlet also comes with SOCIAL’s signature drinks and cocktails menu comprising all the crowd favourites like Asia Sour, SOCIAL Cinema, Thai Malish, and the ever-popular LLIITs. 

  • Where: 3rd Floor, Above Food Court, Pacific Mall, Tagore Garden, New Delhi 
  • Timings: 11 AM to 1 AM, Sunday through Monday 
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Photo Credit: SOCIAL

8. Te Amo

Te Amo, curated by Michelin Star Chef Suvir Saran, has opened its doors in the heart of Gurgaon. It celebrates the rich tapestry of Indian flavours blended with global influences. The menu showcases each dish with distinct renditions, honouring traditions, and the art of cooking. It offers a culinary experience that is flavour-forward, seasonal, familiar, and exotic, all at once. Regional Indian dishes have been refined to cater to the palate of the global citizen while paying homage to local cooks, bawarchis, and homemakers. The bar menu at Te Amo features an array of expertly crafted offerings, including clarified cocktails, infused drinks, and seasonal specials. For those who enjoy classics, Pragma is a must-try-a sour-style drink that envelops your senses with a musky whiff of truffle oil. 

  • Where: M3M IFC, First Floor, Sector 66, Gurgaon
  • Cost For Two: INR 2400++
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Photo Credit: Te Amo

9. Blanca

Blanca is the city’s newest culinary gem, offering an elegant cafe and restaurant bar blending classic Victorian design with a bohemian coastal aesthetic. From tranquil mornings to vibrant evenings, indulge in their enticing menu featuring Espresso Tiramisu, Goddess Goodness, Mango Passionfruit Iced Tea, and Salted Caramel Affogato. Delight in dishes like Blanca Turkish Eggs, Very Berry Smoothie, Smoked Beets and Burrata Salad, and Blanca Grilled Salmon. Partnered with esteemed brands like Bili Hu Coffee and Makaibari Tea, every visit to Blanca promises a memorable journey of gastronomic delight.

  • Where: Blanca, Chhatarpur, New Delhi
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Photo Credit: Blanca

10. Bulach

Experience the rustic charm of countryside cafes at Bulach, a newly-opened restaurant in Delhi. Situated on the upscale Qutub Road, Bulach offers an inviting atmosphere perfect for any time of day. Indulge in a culinary journey through the best of country specialties, meticulously crafted with perfection. Not only a feast for the eyes, but Bulach also excels in its food menu and presentation, complemented by a selection of premium drinks. Reserve your table at Bulach for attentive, friendly service, generously portioned modern dishes, tantalising cocktails, delectable desserts, and more. With a mix of classic and trendy music and a playful vibe, Bulach is the ultimate destination.

  • Where: Bulach, Qutub Institutional Area, Delhi
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Photo Credit: Bulach

11.  Brew & Ice

At Brew & Ice, a fresh addition to Delhi’s dining scene, you’ll find a haven for those who appreciate life’s finer pleasures. Located in the heart of lively Nehru Place, this cafe takes cues from charming European spots while adding Instagram-worthy touches like elegant white statues, blooming pink and white floral trees, and sleek modern cabanas. The chefs at Brew & Ice are all about quality, handpicking top-notch ingredients for their modern twist on multicuisine dishes. Whether you’re craving delightful delicacies or intriguing beverages with unique flavours, every visit is sure to be a treat for your taste buds. 

  • Where: Brew & Ice, Nehru Place, New Delhi
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Photo Credit: Brew & Ice

12. Brown Cortile 

Brown Cortile is the newest addition to Nehru Place, Delhi, emerging as the city’s first Afro-Caribbean destination. This spacious and trendy bar offers a blend of gastronomic adventures and mixology masterpieces, all wrapped up in a futuristic ambiance. The alfresco space boasts chic interiors, cane cabanas, and striking Afro statues, creating an Instagram-worthy backdrop for your visit. As you explore the menu, prepare to be dazzled by the finesse and creativity in every dish and drink. From Afro-Caribbean fusion meals to bold and enticing cocktails, Brown Cortile promises a culinary journey like no other.

  • Where: Brown Cortile, Nehru Place, New Delhi
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Photo Credit: Brown Cortile

13. Popeyes 

Popeyes, the renowned American fried chicken chain, has made its debut in Delhi, marking the opening of its inaugural store. Known for its distinct New Orleans-inspired cuisine, which includes the popular Chicken Sandwich, Popeyes Signature Chicken, and Chicken Tenders, the brand has extended its presence into the Delhi NCR area with the introduction of new outlets in Chandni Chowk and Jasola, catering to the growing appetite for its flavourful offerings.

  • Where: Popeyes, New Delhi

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