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You surely would agree that there is no such meal where parathas cannot fit in. Be it for breakfast, lunch or a wholesome dinner, piping hot parathas are always a feast! However, they can be heavy on the stomach at times, especially during the scorching summer season when our digestion and metabolism capacities slow down anyway. And the excess use of oil, ghee and makkhan (white butter) in a quintessential paratha recipe makes it yet tougher to digest, further heating the body in the already hot weather. But does that mean you completely eliminate the dish from your summer diet? We say you don’t have to. In this article, we will take you through a paratha recipe that is summer-friendly and can be easily digested. It’s Bajra-Ghiya paratha recipe, shared by Nutritionist Richa Gangani. Sounds fun? Let’s check out the recipe.

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What Makes Bajra-Ghiya (Lauki) Paratha Perfect For Summer Season?

To put it simply, both the major ingredients used in this paratha – bajra and ghiya (bottle gourd) – are loaded with nutrients that are hydrating and easy to digest.

What makes bajra a perfect summer ingredient?

According to consultant nutritionist Rupali Datta, this indigenous grain is rich in insoluble fibres, which work as a prebiotic in your gut. The presence of insoluble fibre in bajra helps prevent overeating and keeps the digestive system healthy. These factors further make bajra a great ingredient to include in your wholesome summer diet.

What makes ghiya (bottle gourd) a perfect summer ingredient?

Call it ghiya, lauki or bottle gourd, it is a constant in almost every Indian household during the summers. This seasonal vegetable is packed with vitamins, antioxidants and other such nutrients that make it light and easy to digest. Moreover it contains enough water and electrolytes that help prevent us from extreme summer heat.

Bajra-Ghiya Paratha Recipe | Step-By-Step Recipe To Make Bajra-Ghiya (Lauki) Paratha:

Step 1. You need to grate a portion of bottle gourd and mix that with bajra, green chillies and some dry spices.

Step 2. Next, knead the dough well like roti and cut small rounders out of the dough.

Step 3. Press each roundel with hands and flatten the dough to give the shape of a paratha.

Step 4. Now, brush some ghee on a tawa and cook the parathas on both the sides.

That’s it! Your bajra-ghiya paratha is ready to be relished. Enjoy it hot and do let us know how you liked it.

Watch the detailed recipe video of bajra-ghiya (lauki) paratha here:

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