Dominic West says Lily James scandal influenced Prince Charles portrayal in The Crown
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Dominic West that dreadful freezing moment when Pprsonal scandals go public.
Dominic West ‘that dreadful freezing moment’ when Pprsonal scandals go public.

Dominic West has disclosed that his role in a 2020 scandal involving Lily James significantly influenced his portrayal of Prince Charles in The Crown. 

In October 2020, the actor and his co-star Lily James were photographed during what seemed to be an intimate weekend in Rome, capturing international attention.

After the photos surfaced, West and his wife, Catherine FitzGerald, publicly reaffirmed their commitment to each other by issuing a joint statement, emphasizing that they were “very much still together.” 

The fallout from those photos, taken during a mid-pandemic break, led to public turmoil in his personal life. 

In a recent interview with The Sunday Times Culture Magazine, actor reflected on the experience, saying, “I’d had a very acute understanding of what it’s like to feel the horror of your name or your photo in the newspapers.” 

He added, “There is that dreadful freezing moment when something is revealed about you. I think anyone can understand how that feels.” 

West spoke about the impact that a 2020 paparazzi incident had on his family, acknowledging that it was “deeply stressful” for his wife and four children.

The incident involved West, 54, and his co-star Lily James, 35, who were photographed in Rome appearing quite close, as they shared a scooter ride and later sat for a lunch together. 

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