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Gwen Stefani admitted her creative process doesn’t gel well with other artists

Gwen Stefani isn’t one to chase the numbers, and that may be putting her at odds with other artists.

Stefani, 54, recently opened up about the challenges she faces in her music career, particularly in collaborating with songwriters.

In a candid conversation with Nylon earlier this month, the former The Voice judge expressed her frustration with the changing dynamics in the music industry, where she found herself at odds with pop writers who prioritised formulaic hits over creative expression.

Reflecting on her experiences, Stefani remarked, “A lot of the pop writers that I’d worked with started getting really different from the way I write.”

She highlighted the disconnect, noticing how some writers focused excessively on technical aspects like syllable counting rather than organic creativity. “Why are you counting syllables?” she questioned, emphasising the importance of authenticity in songwriting.

Despite her creative approach, the No Doubt vocalist admitted to feeling a sense of guilt for deviating from the mainstream path.

“I almost feel guilty about it… like I have to justify it or feel bad that I’m doing it,” she confessed. However, she remained steadfast in her desire to stay true to her artistic vision, expressing her determination to continue pursuing her passion. “I want to live my purpose… I want to contribute still,” she affirmed.

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