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King Charles’ ‘vindictive move’ opens Prince Harry’s old wounds

Prince Harry made sure to send the Royal Family a stern message about the hurt he felt for a vindictive move his father King Charles pulled on him.

The Duke of Sussex, who was evicted from Frogmore Cottage last year, formally changed his “primary residence” to his Montecito home and cited the exact date of eviction on the time of change.

Harry made the very specific move of using the same date to indicate that he was very hurt by the shocking move, per royal expert and author Tom Quinn.

“Harry was absolutely furious and in tears about being evicted from Frogmore,” Quinn told The Mirror. “He felt his father had no right to do it and that it was purely vindictive.”

Quinn explained that Harry “couldn’t see that choosing to stop being a working royal would inevitably mean being deprived of his royal residence.”

The “cruel rejection” from the monarch became a “painful reminder of all that he felt when his father fought with his mother during their long drawn out, painful divorce.”

Quinn’s remarks come after reports suggested that Prince Harry and King Charles may have a reconciliation as the Duke is set to return to UK for an Invictus Game event.

Whether the father and son will be able to work out their grievances will be uncovered once Harry visits UK in May. 

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