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If you have grown up in an Indian household, you must be well-versed that pooris are meant for special feasts. From halwa chana poori during festivals to poori bhaji for breakfast, Indian cuisine proudly boasts pooris instead of chapatis as a part of any traditional meal. Well, it seems that the Internet has blessed us with a new recipe for the rich variety of this deep-fried Indian bread. Presenting — “Meethi poori.” An Instagram user shared a video, demonstrating the making of meethi poori, but it failed to impress the Internet. Why? Its bulged out dotted surface. Basically, the Instagram user, in the clip, can be seen pressing rolled-up dough on the back side of a flat colander. The innumerable small holes on the colander created several protruded holes on one side of the flatbread. Next, she can be seen brushing what seems like a sweet syrup on the same side and frying the poori. Although the end result was a fluffy poori, after frying those dots turned brown. The clip was shared with a simple “meethi poori” written in the caption.

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Check out the video here:

In no time, the comments section was flooded with innumerable users expressing their views on this dish. The clip has 10 million views, so far.

Many claimed that meethi poori made them “uncomfortable”. 

A user said, “Ye toh mai plate mai bhi naahi dekh sakte itni funsi wali poori…[I can’t serve it on the plate, as it is a dish with boils].”

Another said, “Chicken pox wala poori.”

“Food should not look like a disease,” said a few.

Some asked what they should do with the dish, as it is unedible now. “Nahi to mai kya karu iska .. khane layak to bachi hai nahi yeh,” read a comment.

Another read, “Sorry to say miss but this poori is giving me pimple wali vibes.”

A person commented, “Me handling my trypophobia.”

Along with a handful of laughing emoticons, a user said, “Poori ko acne ho gaye.”

A few also called the dish “disgusting.”

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Will you try this recipe at home?

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