Meghan Markle advised to learn from mistakes
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Meghan Markle has been blasted by a royal commentator for her latest stunt amid King Charles and Kate Middleton’s battle for cancer.

Nana Akua, GB News presenter, flayed the Duchess of Sussex while giving her a crucial advice.

The commentator urged the former Suits star to “give up” on her “vendetta” against the royal family amid their health woes.

Nana, on her show, said: “None of this she and Harry actually had to do. If they’d been a little bit smarter, more patient and bided their time, they could have done all this with the family’s backing and with the world in tow.

“And of course, all this has done is boost the sales of the King’s jam. Sales have skyrocketed since the launch of her jam, and his was sold out within six days.”

She went on: “And whilst the proceeds for the sales of Charles’s jam go to charity, Meghan’s go in her pocket. This is a mess, Meghan. A sticky, icky mess just like your jam. What a way to live. Whoever’s advising you, Meghan. Fire them.”

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