Offset makes it rain with stacks of cash in New York Club
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Offset spotted with stacks of cash at Starlets Club

Offset was recently spotted holding a stack of cash at Starlets club in New York.

In a snippet shared by @unitedkevin444 on Instagram, they posted videos from the night, rehashing the hysterics alongside a caption that read, “Offset is Upset.” 

The Migos rapper could be seen looking at the crowd as money was being thrown around in the club.

The rapper looked frustrated as he turned around, placing his stack on the table. 

He then jumped, engaging in a banter with a cohort of men, who were throwing money.

However, he was swiftly handled by security, separating the Atlanta rhymer from the crowd.

As the argument heated up, all the workers and bartenders were ordered to step away from the scene.

What looked like a ‘money war’, included an exchange of some heated words, with a group of men throwing money at each other.

This sparked confusion among netizens who expressed in the comments section. 

One user commented under the post, “What happened here” while another chimed in, adding a ‘shocking’ face emoji.

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