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Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt makes interesting confession about their children

Ryan Gosling has recently shared interesting nickname his children have for The Fall Guy co-star Emily Blunt.

Speaking to Today on April 23, the Ryan, who shares two children with long-time partner Eva Mendes, revealed, “My kids call Emily Mary Poppins,” while giving reference of Emily’s 2018 role in Mary Poppins Returns.

The Notebook star mentioned, “They’re like, ‘Are you working with Mary Poppins today?’ ‘Yes, I am.'”

However, Emily pointed out that his two daughters, whom she shares with husband John Krasinski, also gushed over Gosling.

Emily disclosed, “They love him so deeply.”

“Actually, my oldest one — It’s the first movie she has expressed any interest in, and it has nothing to do with me. It’s all about Ryan,” stated the Pain Hustlers actress.

To which, Ryan jokingly said, “I think it’s Ken, really.”

Emily agreed, “It’s Ken. They’re fascinated with what his hair looks like in real life. That was a question I got a lot.”

Earlier this month, Ryan opened up about his daughters’ reaction to his Ken character during an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Ryan pointed out, “My daughters know the choreography better than I do,” referring to the hit song “I’m Just Ken.”

“It was their interest in Barbie and their disinterest in Ken that sort of started all of this,” remarked the Drive actor.

Ryan added, “It’s really been a team effort. And they were on the film and they came to set when I filmed the number.”

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