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Former president Donald Trump questions Palestinian protestors. — Reuters

As the opening statements of the hush money trial start in Manhattan Court New York City Monday, former US president Donald Trump has issued fresh directions to his supporters, as the businessman arrived at the court and the judge started giving directions to jurors, prosecutors and the defendants.

Taking to his social media platform Truth Social, the former president questioned the Palestinian protesters and compared them with his supporters.

“… and yet people who truly LOVE our Country, and want to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, are not allowed to ‘Peacefully Protest,’ and are rudely and systematically shut down and ushered off to far away ‘holding areas,’ essentially denying them their Constitutional Rights,” he wrote speaking about his supporters.

Further, he added: “America Loving Protesters should be allowed to protest at the front steps of Courthouses, all over the Country, just like it is allowed for those who are destroying our Country on the Radical Left, a two-tiered system of justice.”

The business mogul and the owner of Trump Media urged his supporters to “GO OUT AND PEACEFULLY PROTEST. RALLY BEHIND MAGA. SAVE OUR COUNTRY!”

“THE ONLY THING YOU HAVE TO FEAR IS FEAR ITSELF,” he fervently wrote in all caps.

The hush money trail is to take place four days a week amid his reelection campaign which he reported to have scheduled on weekends.

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