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How would a role in Trump’s White House prove for Tesla CEO who already has enough on his plate? — Reuters/File

Donald Trump, former president of the United States, is considering to offer tech billionaire Elon Musk an advisory role in the White House if he gets re-elected as president this fall, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Musk, 52, has been outspoken about border security and economic policies on his social media platform X.

According to the report, Musk’s relationship with Trump, 77, has warmed as the two regularly talk on the phone.

The report, which cited people familiar with the talks, also said that both influential personalities have discussed a role that would allow the Tesla CEO to formally provide input and have influence over border security and economic policies.

According to the Journal, some of its sources indicated that Musk and billionaire investor Nelson Peltz have discussed efforts to prevent voter fraud with Trump and to persuade elites against supporting President Biden’s re-election campaign.

Musk has been vocally critical of liberal policies, citing what he terms the “woke mind virus”.

He has been particularly critical of the Biden administration’s handling of border security, as record number of people entered the US illegally through the southern border in recent years.

Musk’s potential involvement as an adviser in a potential Trump-led White House could further complicate his leadership role at companies he founded or owns like Tesla, SpaceX, X and xAI.

His role as Tesla CEO is under scrutiny, with shareholders set to vote next month on the reinstatement of his $56 billion pay package, which was struck down by a Delaware judge in January.

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