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The Israeli army bombed Gaza again, nine members of the same family were martyred by the bombing in Rafah.

Israeli army continues atrocities on women and children in Gaza, several residential houses were targeted by the barbaric bombardment on Rafah, Khan Younis and Gaza City, five Palestinian youngsters were martyred in the two-day operation in the West Bank, nine members of the same family were killed in Rafah. Six women and two children were also among the martyrs.

However, in the Tulkarm city of West Bank, where the operation had just entered its second day, fighting had started out between the occupying forces and the Palestinians in the Nur Shams camp, five youngsters had been killed by the Israeli forces, and the roads had been demolished by bulldozers.

However, Israeli jets also targeted Hezbollah bases in Lebanon; as a result of this, rocket attacks were launched into northern Israel from Lebanon.

Over thirty-four thousand people lost their lives as a result of the battle.

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