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The bearded man takes her away into his car in this still taken from a video. — KGW8

A scary video clip went viral on social media in which a woman can be seen being reportedly kidnapped by a male suspect in Hillsboro, Oregon.

The video, released by Hillsboro Police Department over the weekend showed a woman screaming at the front door of a house asking for help, and then a male suspect came speedily and grabbed her.

The bearded man takes her away into his car.

“Please help me,” she can be heard screaming and crying, as she repeatedly saw him coming at the back.

Authorities in Hillsboro promptly released the footage to arrest the victim.

Later, the police released a Facebook post in which it said that the woman had been found safe and sound and the man had been taken into custody.

WATCH: Scary moments as lady screams for help before abduction

Police said that he was charged with kidnapping in the early hours of Tuesday, adding that “the suspect and victim knew each other and this was not a random attack. There is no danger to the public.”

According to an NBC affiliate KGW8, the woman who owned the house said she didn’t recognise both of them.

“She looked scared,” the homeowner said.

“In her voice, you could tell she was frantic, and she needed help, and the way she grabbed onto the door in the video when you see it, that is like, not normal,” the homeowner added.

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