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Jennifer Garner played 13-year-old teenager Jenna Rink who wakes up in the body of her future 30-year-old self

13 Going on 30 hit theaters on April 23, 2004, and over the years, it garnered a dedicated following, becoming a Rom Com cult classic. 

But on its 20th anniversary, Jennifer Garner – who portrayed the movie’s lead character – admitted she didn’t initially think the film would be so big.

Speaking to People Magazine, Garner, 52, reflected on the experience of filming the film alongside co-stars Mark Ruffallo, 56, and Andy Serkis, 59.

“It was magical,” she gushed, adding that she had no idea at the time the cultural impact the film would go on to have.

She explained that “it wasn’t a huge movie,” but “it was the biggest paycheck any of us had ever had, even though it was not crazy.”

“It was such a step up. We didn’t know if it would be any good,” she added .

Garner played the role of 13-year-old teenager, Jenna Rink, who suddenly wakes up in the body of her future 30-year-old self after being distraught with the tirals of teenagehood.

Jenna’s younger version was played by actress Christa Belle, who also spoke to the publication.

13 Going on 30, in my view, will forever live on as both a rom-com classic and a cinematic love letter to the power of manifestation,” Belle, now 32, exclaimed.

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