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King Charles, Princess Kate plan heartfelt Balmoral retreat amid cancer journey

King Charles and Kate Middleton are “looking forward” to spending time in each other’s company during their upcoming excursion.

Speaking to Closer Weekly, an insider claimed the monarch and his daughter-in-law are getting closer each day in the wake of their shared health scares.

For the unversed, the royal family get together for a summer retreat in Balmoral, spanning from late July until October.

“They just talk about going to Balmoral together for the summer and looking forward to that. Kate may just spend time there with Charles before the rest of the family comes,” the insider told the outlet.

“She’ll bring the kids, but without extended family,” they explained. “They have never been closer than they are right now.”

“Going through this cancer journey together has brought them together in a way that they never expected, but is much appreciated by both of them,” the source added.

Buckingham Palace unveiled King Charles’ diagnosis with an undisclosed form of cancer in February, only days after he underwent corrective treatment for enlarged prostrate.

Over a month later, Princess Kate also divulged her diagnosis with cancer, which was discovered during post-op tests following abdominal surgery in January. 

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