King Charles shatters Prince Harry’s dream with bombshell decision
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King Charles shatters Prince Harrys dream with bombshell decision
King Charles shatters Prince Harry’s dream with bombshell decision

Prince Harry, who has declared America as his ‘primary residence’, reportedly cried in silence after his dad King Charles’s one major decision against him.

The Duke of Sussex was absolutely furious and in tears’ over Frogmore Cottage eviction, according to a royal expert.

The King Charles asked the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to vacate Frogmore Cottage in 2023 weeks after the release of Harry’s memoir ‘Spare’.

A source told The Standard at the time: “The Sussex’s are no longer leasing Frogmore Cottage. That privilege has been removed.

“It’s over for them in the UK. If they want a residence in the UK they will have to buy one privately.”

In June 2023, The Sussexes finally handed back the keys to Frogmore Cottage. The couple’s remaining possessions were shipped to California.

Royal expert and author Tom Quinn lifted the lid on the devastating ordeal for the Sussexes in talks with the Mirror, saying: “Harry was absolutely furious and in tears about being evicted from Frogmore – he felt his father had no right to do it and that it was purely vindictive.”

Harry, according to the royal author,  “couldn’t see that choosing to stop being a working royal would inevitably mean being deprived of his royal residence”, with the Duke of Sussex taking it as a “cruel rejection” from his father, King Charles III.

The King’s move reportedly shattered Harry’s dream to return to the UK. The Duke, according to some experts, still feels that his children’s future belongs to the royal family even after their exit from the Firm in 2020.

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