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Kylie Jenner faces big career setback: ‘She could end up going broke’

Kylie Jenner could end up being broke because of her expensive taste and declining sales of her beauty brand.

As reported by In Touch Weekly, the founder of Kylie Cosmetics “has expensive tastes. She wants the best of everything — and usually gets it.”

An insider claimed that the mother-of-three “doesn’t have as much money as everything thinks.”

In 2020, Forbes named Kylie the world’s youngest self-made billionaire.

Later on, the same globally known publication accused the reality TV star of forging tax documents so she would appear as a billionaire.

The publication also cited that Kylie’s beauty brand was ‘smaller and less profitable.’

However, the mother-of-two called the allegations “inaccurate” and “unproven.”

Speaking of the situation, the source added, “So if Kylie continues hemorrhaging money, she could end up going broke.”

Interestingly, Statista also reported a decline in the purchase of Kylie Cosmetics products from their online store by $36.2 million in 2022. 

The website estimated a further downfall to $29 million in 2024.

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