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Lana Del Rey and Camila Cabello performed a duet of the latter’s new song, ‘I Luv It’

Lana Del Rey took the Coachella 2024 stage by storm, but her performance took an unexpected turn when she brought Camila Cabello on stage to collaborate on the latter’s new song, I Luv It.

The surprise duet delighted fans as Lana joined Camila in singing the catchy chorus, showcasing their dynamic chemistry.

Transitioning from her balcony perch to the stage floor, Lana seamlessly blended her vocals with Camila’s rendition of the song, even taking on the parts originally performed by Playboy Carti.

As the performance concluded, Lana expressed her gratitude to Camila, declaring, “[Camilla] is my girl, I have so much fun with her. I love this song and thank you so much angel, for coming and singing with me.”

In response, Camila expressed her admiration for Lana, calling her one of her favorite artists and expressing her gratitude for the opportunity to perform alongside her. Later, Camila shared snippets of Lana’s performance on her Instagram Stories, showcasing her admiration for the talented singer.

This collaboration follows Lana’s previous duet with Billie Eilish during weekend one of Coachella, where they mesmerised audiences with renditions of Ocean Eyes and Video Games.

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