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Madonna is once again under scrutiny for the late starts to her concerts. 

On Friday, a federal class action lawsuit was filed in Washington D.C., with three ticket buyers alleging that the iconic pop star arrived two hours late to both of her shows at the Capital One Arena in December. 

The complaint, submitted by Elizabeth Halper-Asefi, Mary Conoboy, and Nestor Monte, Jr., claims that Madonna was scheduled to take the stage at 8:30 p.m. for her Celebration Tour, but didn’t begin performing until 10:30 p.m.

The plaintiffs, who filed their lawsuit through Washington D.C.’s Superior Court, argue that her chronic tardiness breached the terms of their ticket purchases. 

According to the filing obtained by Rolling Stone, the fans felt “deceived” and reported having to leave the concerts early, missing out on the full experience they had paid to attend.

This latest lawsuit underscores growing frustration among her fans over her erratic concert start times. 

Previous complaints about similar issues had already cast a shadow over the pop star’s recent tour, but this new legal action demonstrates that many concertgoers are no longer willing to tolerate the delays. 

The case, which is now under review, has reignited a broader conversation about performers’ responsibility to their audiences and the consequences of neglecting agreed-upon schedules.

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