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Prince Louis’ connection to Princess Diana: ‘He’s utterly himself’

Prince Louis was revealed to share a special connection to his late grandmother Princess Diana.

Speaking to HELLO! Debbie Frank, Princess Diana’s astrologer, said that the little prince gives the public something to “fall in love with” making him a crowd pleaser, a trait similar to the late Princess of Wales.

“He’s so engaging, playful, cheeky, and utterly himself that people fall in love with his court jester antics. He is guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s faces, even though he is openly seen to remonstrate with his parents at royal events.

“His is an affectionate and loving personality with Venus in Taurus, Cancer rising, and the Moon in Leo. He is a crowd pleaser even though he breaks the royal mould. Adorable and engaging, he is easily forgiven, and his attractive personality magnetises a lot of attention.”

She went on to praise the little one’s mother Kate Middleton of how she manages her youngest child’s antics.

“Undoubtedly, Louis’ determined Mars in Capricorn creates a fractious frisson with Kate’s Sun in the same sign. He is the one person who can make her lose her cool! Kate is very self-disciplined and taming her little tiger cub is a challenge for her.

The astrologer elaborated that this was due to his astrological connection to Princess Diana.

“Meanwhile, Prince William’s Venus in Taurus is in the same sign and close to Louis’s Venus which bestows a huge love bond. Interestingly, Princess Diana’s Venus was here too!

“Louis has Mercury in outspoken Aries opposite William’s Mars in harmony-loving Libra, so they probably have a few heated exchanges which blow over quickly.”

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