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Sophie Turner ‘felt like bird trapped in gilded cage’ after US move with Joe Jonas

Sophie Turner recalled early days of her romance with now-estranged husband Joe Jonas after she followed him to the United States.

In a new cover story for the British Vogue, the 28-year-old actress revealed she “felt like a little bird trapped in a gilded cage” when she moved to Miami with the singer and their kids in 2021.

“We were in this community full of 50-year-old men, so imagine trying to make friends on the dog walk,” she explained.

“I just felt like a little bird trapped in a gilded cage. It was amazing, yes, but I didn’t have any friends there.”

The rampant incidents of gun violence around the country and overturn of Roe vs Wade added to her nagging feeling of homesickness.

“I couldn’t fathom being a mother of one of those children knowing that this was something your country could fix, that they’d rather have rights to guns than give kids a right to life,” the Do Revenge actress said of the killings in Uvalde, Texas in 2022.

“Meanwhile, women in the US are being stripped of their rights, left, right and centre,” shared Sophie. “It all contributed to this feeling of I have to get out, I have to get out.”

The couple ended up moving to a short-term rental in London after April 2023; however, their dreams eventually crumbled in the face of their impending divorce only months later.

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