Taylor Swift rocks Post Malone’s tattoos in upcoming ‘Fortnight’ video
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Taylor Swift channels Post Malones signature ink in Fortnight.
Taylor Swift channels Post Malone’s signature ink in ‘Fortnight.’

Taylor Swift, the multi-Grammy award-winning artist, is set to unveil her highly anticipated music video for Fortnight, the first single off her Tortured Poet’s Department double album. 

The song, a duet with Post Malone, has generated significant excitement among fans.

Scheduled for release at 8 pm EST on Friday, April 19, the music video promises to be a visual spectacle. 

In a sneak peek shared by Post Malone, Taylor is seen sporting temporary tattoos that are exact replicas of his iconic facial tattoos, adding a striking visual element to the collaboration.

Taylor’s official Instagram account, managed by her team at Taylor Nation, also shared the image, accompanied by a cryptic caption: “Nurse, she’s out again…”

She announced the premiere of the #FortnightVideo at 8 pm EST, inviting fans to join in for a viewing experience via a link in their Instagram story.

Among Post Malone’s distinctive tattoos featured in the image are phrases such as ‘Always Tired’ beneath his eyes, his daughter’s initials ‘DDP’ on his forehead, and ‘Stay Away’ over one eyebrow, alongside motifs like playing cards, barbed wire, and a medieval gauntlet with a flail weapon. 

Earlier in the week, Swift released a sneak peek of the music video following the announcement of Fortnight as the first single from her double album. 

Some fans speculated that certain scenes in the video drew inspiration from Bella Baxter, a character portrayed by Emma Stone in the movie Poor Things.

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