Vanessa Hudgens opens up about her career plans after welcoming a baby
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Vanessa Hudgens on her future career plan: Deets inside
Vanessa Hudgens on her future career plan: Deets inside

Vanessa Hudgens has recently opened up about future career plan after giving birth to her first baby with husband Cole Tucker.

In a new interview with Bustle on April 23, the High School Musical alum revealed she wants to be working in her coming days after becoming a mom.

“I am leaving it to the wind,” she told the outlet.

Vanessa said, “There’s a lot that I want to do regardless of the timing. There’s a lot I feel like I still haven’t done.”

So, I’m just continuing to work towards those things in whatever way,” stated the Princess Switch actress.

Elsewhere in the interview, Vanessa also shared she wants to try her hands on “direction” somewhere down the line.

“I feel like my taste is just so bizarre and not what people expect and I feel like that’s what makes interesting directors—when they’ve got a specific and different point of view,” explained the Beastly actress.

However, for now Vanessa is focusing on her motherhood journey and even decided to skip annual Coachella Music Festival.

For the unversed, The French Girl actress spilled about her pregnancy with Cole on the Oscars red carpet in March.

Meanwhile, the baby news came just three months after the couple tied the knot in Tulum, Mexico. 

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