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Royal expert Angela Levin abruptly left a live video chat after being called ‘biased.’

The royal commentator, who mocked Meghan Markle for ‘setting up’ friend Abigail Spencer’s latest promotion of the Duchess’ strawberry jams, felt insulted when presenter JJ Anisiobi refuted her argument.

Responding to the accusation, Ms Levin simply said: “That’s very rude.”

Sharing Meghan’s thought process behind the photos with Abigail, JJ said: “It’s PR. She’s trying to advertise something. This is PR.”

Ms Levin said in response: “I know what PR is.” But JJ added: “With respect, you don’t. You’re saying it’s set up. It’s a PR stunt.”

An upset and Levjn then replied: “You’re here to fight me so why don’t you say goodbye. You’re very rude.”

Levin’s reaction upset JJ, who the commented: “This is what happens when you challenge people. Some people don’t like it. And if people can’t answer the truths, they hang up.”

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