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Taylor Swift makes bold statement with mourning dress in ‘Fortnight’ video

Taylor Swift latest music video for Fortnight, featured on her album The Tortured Poets Department, showcases a wedding gown and a Victorian mourning dress.

Swift, who released her 11th studio album, The Tortured Poets Department on Friday, dropped the teaser of the music video for track, Fortnight.

In the teaser shared on Instagram featured the Blank Space singer can be seen donning a wedding gown and Victorian mourning dress, reflecting on the song’s thematic elements of romance and sorrow.

The mourning dress, in particular references the traditional attire worn during the Victorian era, symbolizing grief and loss, which according to fans speculations may relate to her past breakup with Joe Alwyn.

Taylor Swift makes bold statement with mourning dress in Fortnight video

“The pop up and the preview for fortnight proved to me that Joe is actually getting obliterated in 2 hours time #TTPD #TaylorSwift,” one X user stated.

The official Metropolitan Museum of Art website detailed about the mourning dress, stating, “Queen Victoria wore mourning from the death of her husband, Prince Albert (1819-1861), until her own death, With these standards in place, it was considered a social requisite to don black from anywhere between three months to two and a half years while grieving for a loved one or monarch.”

Taylor Swift’s Fortnight music video also featuring Post Malone is scheduled to release on Saturday.

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