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Archie, Lilibet to face ‘massive difficulties’ after royal future ‘snatched away’

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s kids are ought to have a difficult time due to growing in the shadow of distorted identity in America.

Speaking to The Mirror, royal expert Tom Quinn claimed Prince Archie, 4, and Princess Lilibet, 2, could have had an established path should the Sussexes decided to stay in the royal family in the US.

However, their decision to move the toddlers away from their roots will only prove difficult for them once they grow up and face the real world.

“The time-bomb waiting to go off is Archie and Lillibet – as half-Royals in America there may be some interest in them,” he said, “but it will wear thin quickly in a country that admires rags-to-riches energy and determination and dislikes inherited privilege unless it is combined with charitable or other work.”

“The advantage of being a half-Royal in the States will be completely outweighed by the massive difficulties Archie and Lillibet will have finding a role as adults,” Quinn explained.

“They will be like star child actors who find themselves forgotten as adults.”

“The future they could have had as real royals has been snatched away,” the royal expert went on.

“And Archie and Lillibet may just end up living on the wealth and fame of their parents and doing very little in the way of work,” he added. 

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