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The incident took place in Uttar Pradesh.

Netizens are now wondering the reason for barring the entry of one friend in the wedding.

A wedding is one of the most celebrated events in a person’s life. There are all kinds of fancy and creative wedding dresses, decorations and cards for those tying the knot to choose from. From a couple’s stock-market-themed wedding in Maharashtra to Assam’s lawyer’s constitution-themed wedding card, people have become creative in selecting the unorthodox wedding style. The wedding card is the guests’ first impression of the marriage. Now, a funny wedding card from Etah, Uttar Pradesh is going viral, in which a man invites all his friends except one named Saurabh. Netizens are now wondering the reason for barring the entry of one friend in the wedding, while inviting the others. The wedding card is now making rounds on social media.

The viral invitation card states that the wedding took place in the Jalesar Village of Etah district in Uttar Pradesh on April 15. A couple named Rohit and Rajni got married among hundreds of guests. The invitation for the same was sent to the supposed groom’s friends named Upendra, Kamal, Imran, Rajesh, and Dalveer with a footnote – “Saurabh ko aana sakht mana hai (Translation: Saurabh is strictly prohibited from the wedding)”. The groom reportedly wrote this on their wedding card. It also asked their friends to brush him away from the venue if found during the wedding. An Instagram user named Imran has shared this amusing card on Instagram. The video clip of the wedding card has garnered over 7 lakh views till now.

Humorous comments often follow such viral posts. Random Instagram users named Saurabh are repeatedly asking about their mistake that they were not allowed to the wedding. A user named Arya asked, “What crime did Saurabh commit?” under the comment section. While many inquired about the reason, others tried to decry the mistake of Saurabh in the comment section. In an attempt to do so, one social media user Jawahar said that Saurabh was barred from the wedding because he eats a lot.

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