Plane-size asteroid, travelling at 16500 kmph, to have close call with Earth today? Alerts Nasa – Times of India
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Nasa has alerted the public about an asteroid named 2024 KN1 that will make a close approach to Earth on June 23, 2024, at 18:09 UTC (11:39 PM IST). This asteroid, part of the Amor group, is approximately 88 feet in size and will travel at a speed of about 16,500 kilometers per hour.
While it will pass by Earth safely, the event provides scientists with another opportunity to study these near-Earth objects.
Initial calculations indicated the possible impact, but lacked precise details about the asteroid’s size, composition, and trajectory. Complicating the scenario, essential follow-up observations were delayed by seven months due to the asteroid passing behind the Sun as viewed from Earth.
Monitoring near-Earth objects like asteroid 2024 KN1 is an ongoing effort by Nasa’s Center for Near Earth Object Studies (CNEOS). They utilise data from observatories worldwide, including significant contributions from Pan-STARRS, the Catalina Sky Survey, and Nasa’s NEOWISE mission. Additionally, radar projects such as JPL’s Goldstone Solar System Radar Group play a crucial role in tracking these space rocks.
According to Nasa, this monitoring ensures that astronomers can assess any potential impact risks from near-Earth objects well in advance.
Amateur astronomers also contribute valuable data, aiding international efforts to understand and monitor these celestial bodies.
As technology and observational capabilities improve, understanding of near-Earth objects and their trajectories will continue to grow. This advancement will further enhance the ability to predict and mitigate any potential future risks associated with these celestial objects.
For now, asteroid 2024 KN1 will pass by Earth safely, providing scientists with another opportunity to study these fascinating objects in our solar system, says Nasa.

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